Amanda Kail

“Odessa Kelly is a product of Metro Nashville Public Schools, and she spent her career mentoring kids to help them figure out what would be next for them. She is a consistent ally of educators, and she is the one I trust to take the needs of all our kids to Washington.”


– Amanda Kail

Teacher, labor leader and public education advocate

Dakerri Rhone

“As a community leader focused on diversity, equality, equity, and inclusion, I am proud to personally endorse Odessa Kelly for Congress. She is a born and raised Nashvillian and has worked tirelessly to give a voice and power to those who have been disregarded and treated as though they were less than their entire lives.”


– Dakerri Rhone

LGBTQ leader

Delishia Porterfield

“Odessa can relate to the needs of the average family in Nashville because she, too, comes from a working-class family. I trust her to go to Congress and fight for things that will make a difference for everyday people.”


– Delishia Porterfield

Metro Councilwoman, District 29

Henderson Kelly Sr.

“I was so proud to see my daughter follow in my footsteps at the community center, but seeing how much Odessa has done for families like ours in Nashville is the honor of my life. I know she will do all of us proud in Congress.”


– Henderson Kelly Sr.

Longtime parks employee, Odessa Kelly’s dad

Jazmin Ramirez

“I worked with Odessa in the Parks Department. I have watched her take that experience and become a tireless advocate for working families and young people. Odessa loves this district and believes a better future is possible, for all of us.”


– Jazmine Ramirez

Immigrant rights activist

MaKayla Usher
“I met Odessa seven years ago when I would play basketball at the community center. She watched me grow up. She always gave me words of encouragement and always knew I could succeed in life on my chosen path and has had an incredible impact on my life.”
– MaKayla Usher
Impacted by Odessa
Kelly at Napier
Recreation Center
The Rev. Antoni Sinkfield

“Odessa Kelly is a Nashvillian who loves Nashville and demonstrates a deep and driven passion for the greater good of all her fellow Nashvillians. I’ve watched Odessa Kelly become the leading voice for equity and fairness for our city.”


– The Rev. Antoni Sinkfield 

Payne Chapel A.E.M.C. 

Rev. Ingrid McIntyre

“Odessa inspires me for many reasons, but my favorite is her impatience for justice. It is deeply rooted in her faith which guides her to not only pray for a better Nashville, but to embody and put action into working towards a better Nashville today.”


– The Rev. Ingrid McIntyre

Executive director, the Village at Glenclif

Sean Parker
“Odessa always stands up for our community. I’m thrilled to stand with her in the fight for housing justice, Medicare for All, and goodpaying union jobs. Odessa knows what makes Nashville great, and we need her fighting for us in Washington.”
– Sean Parker
Metro Councilman,
District 5
Tequila Johnson

“If there were ever a time for new, innovative leadership, the time is now. 2020 revealed the need for new leadership that’s reflective of the people who live and work check to check in Tennessee. Odessa has demonstrated time and again that she is the change maker we need.”


– Tequila Johnson

Voting rights and racial equity advocate

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