Gun Violence Prevention

In the United States, mass shootings occur on a daily basis. Like many of America’s deeply rooted crises, the gun violence epidemic disproportionately impacts communities of color and inflicts deeper pain in communities that are already struggling. It’s time to think differently about how we protect our communities from gun violence and to enact common-sense gun laws that will save lives. 


We must do everything in our power to keep guns out of the hands of those at the highest risk of violence. Anyone convicted of a hate crime should not own a gun. Period. We need to mandate universal background checks for private gun sales at gun shows and online, raise the minimum age to buy a firearm to at least 18 years old, and close the boyfriend loophole to protect survivors of domestic abuse. I support a federal licensing system for the purchase of any type of firearm or ammunition, establishing a one-week waiting period for all firearms purchases to discourage impulsive gun violence and reduce gun suicides.  Improving the Gun-Free School Zones Act to include college and university campuses, and individuals licensed by a state or locality to carry a firearm. 


Gun dealers and manufacturers must be held accountable by prosecuting gun traffickers and revoking licenses for gun dealers who break the rules. Congress should pass an assault weapons ban prohibiting the future production, sale, and importation of military-style assault weapons. We should require individuals already in possession of assault weapons to register them under the National Firearms Act and individuals who fail to register or return their assault weapon should face penalties.