Medicare For All

Every year, tens of millions of people in America go without health insurance because they either can’t afford it or aren’t eligible. Last year, the coronavirus pandemic exposed what millions of Americans already knew: Our healthcare system is broken. We cannot continue to tie health insurance to employment status and allow big pharmaceutical and private health insurance companies to profit off our suffering. No one should have to delay treatment or ration medication due to cost. Americans are drowning in rising copays and deductibles. We have the most expensive healthcare system in the world, yet tens of millions of people are still left without coverage. It’s time for America to catch up with the rest of the developed world and adopt a universal healthcare system that eliminates the barriers preventing the people most in need from accessing care. 


Medicare for All expands coverage, reduces the burden of navigating endless paperwork and forms, and drastically cuts costs for both individuals and the government. Every doctor will be in-network and coverage for dental, vision, reproductive, and mental health will no longer be luxury supplemental plans. Healthcare is a human right, not a privilege. We must pass single-payer, Medicare For All because every American – no matter how rich or poor – deserves health care.


We must also dramatically lower the cost of prescription drugs by allowing the government to manufacture drugs. Right now we have pharmaceutical monopolies that allow Big Pharma to charge patients and providers extreme prices for lifesaving drugs. Congress must step in and ensure that these corporations face real competition that will lower prescription drug prices for all.